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Elizabeth works globally with clients of all ages, in person, phone and over the internet. Her journey began a long time ago……

  • The path to this work really began before age 5 as she became aware of her intuitive abilities that continued into choosing a traditional career in the healthcare field.
  • Since 1985 she has been on an accelerated trajectory incorporating Science, Technology, Business Strategizing, Alternative/ Energy Medicine, Astrology and Metaphysics into her ever expanding practices. 
  • Elizabeth is certified by Caroline Myss, PhD & Dr Norman Shealy, MD, PhD and the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, as a Counseling Intuitive after completing an intense program in Intuition Science & Medical Intuition.
  • Elizabeth perceives information around personal, professional, health and business issues that provide clients with a high degree of clarity.
  • The following is an interview Elizabeth did with a Boston area radio talk show host on the Dream Vision show on WBMW AM, discussing various forms of intuition.


Elizabeth's Education


Elizabeth's path has drawn her into working on many different planes thus her trainings and education span a wide range within the field of Energy Medicine and Metaphysics.

She is a graduate of an intensive 4 year program in Intuition Science & Medical Intuition, conducted by Caroline Myss, PhD & Dr Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, certified by the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition as a Counseling Intuitive as well as certified by Caroline Myss, PhD as an Archetypal Counselor.

Her path has led her to study with a number of highly regarded psycho-spiritual educators and healers of our times. She has studied Intuition Science with Carolyn Myss Ph.D. and Norman Shealy MD, healing with Rosalyn Bruyere, Spirit Releasement with William Baldwin PhD, After Death Communication at the Rudolph Steiner Institute & various healing modalities such as Past Life Regression, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Chakra Healing, Dowsing and Astrology.

Caroline Myss Certification

American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition Certification


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