What Is Intuition


Intuition is the direct knowing or awareness of something without the conscious use of reasoning. Intuition is an integral aspect of our lives. Almost everyone has experienced a sense of knowing something about a person or an event that later proved true or took place. These experiences are especially common among friends and family members.

The strength and type of intuitive sense varies from person to person. The three major intuitive senses are: clairvoyance - clear seeing, clairaudience - clear hearing, and clairsentience - clear feeling.

In addition to the three major intuitive senses, one may also have the ability to experience precognition - prior knowing or retro cognition - knowing about the past. The development and utilization of these senses, which can enhance our everyday lives, should not be considered a mystical process. When we allow ourselves to maximize these innate senses, we can interact fully with our world.

Intuition allows us access to information beyond the physical plane of our daily existence and can enhance our understanding of our interconnectedness to all life energy.

Intuition is a skill to be developed rather than a gift. Everyone is intuitive to a greater or lesser degree. Some individuals are hardwired, others need their wires connected.


What Is Medical Intuition?


Medical/health intuition is the knowing about physical issues in the body and the underlying thought patterns, chakra energetics and life experiences that may contribute to the development of physical symptoms. This is not diagnosing illness which is done by a physician. This process involves understanding deeply the mind-body connection as it affects one's health and well being. It may be utilized in conjunction with traditional medical evaluation and care.

Utilizing a client’s photograph, Elizabeth examines an individual’s energy field, chakras, acupuncture meridians & physical systems.

Elizabeth is certified by Caroline Myss PhD, Norman Shealy MD and the American Board of Scientific Medical Intuition, having completed an intense 4 year program of study in Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition.


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