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Honoring Louise Hay

One of the major pioneers in health, wellness and self discovery, Louise Hay, died on 8/30/17 at age 90.


Louise Hay’s first book Heal Your Body was published in 1976. I still have my copy, tattered and dog eared from me and the numerous others I have lent it to over the years. Somehow it always finds it’s way back to my book shelf. 


The book came after she became a minister & was overcoming her own emotional, physical & spiritual challenges and losses, which were not insignificant. She lit the candle for women in the 1970’s to take control of their lives, thoughts and to find their voices through self acceptance and self love.


When I read her book in the 70’s I was working as a critical care nurse and had recently begun my metaphysical journey. I was seeing first hand how thoughts, self blame, anger and resentment were manifesting as illness in my patients and as migraines in myself. This was the beginning of an amazing journey into my current work. 


She published her second book You Can Heal Your Life in 1984 from her own publishing house, so well know to all of us in the wellness community,  Hay House. That book (yes I have that one too) has sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into many languages. Just imagine if that one book was shared with just 4 others- that would be over 200 million people she has reached with her message of love. I expect the number is much higher.


Louise was a pioneer in the very early days of self help literature and over the course of her life and work has brought together other  notable metaphysical pioneers such as Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue & Gregg Braden to name just a very few under the Hay House roof. She leaves a huge void in the metaphysical community with her death, but through her gathering of these visionaries ensures that the light she ignited is sure to continue to brighten the world.

Signs and Symbolism In Your Everyday

Signs and Symbolism In Your Everyday…. Are you
Signs are all around us, like the stop sign or yield sign but more than telling us what to do there are signs that are symbolic… IF we are aware! If you hit every stop light on your way to work for a week could that mean something more symbolically? Would you start to think that the Universe is trying to send you a sign because it is feeling like more than just a random event? We get individual signs everyday yet when we get the same sign repeatedly we need to look at the underlying symbolism and how that might inform our life and decision making. Here are some examples of how people have symbolically interpreted the signs in their lives and taken action.
The Dog Whisperer
Jamie, a CFO for a Boston Corporation kept seeing stories on the TV about the adjustment difficulties rescued dogs had when brought to shelters. Paying attention to the signs she started volunteering at a local shelter where she found that dogs that were seemingly aggressive and unapproachable she could calm and have asleep in her lap in minutes. This has now become her life’s work.
Past Life Signs
Lynn developed a sudden and totally unexpected infatuation with a man she just met that she could not shake no matter how hard she tried. She sensed there had to be another connection and through a past life regression experience she uncovered the deep, significant connection she felt they had experienced. Once she understood the connection her infatuation ended and life went back to normal (Note: experiences shared with permission, names have been changed).
Finding a New Home - 2 Different Signs
I was looking for a home to buy, 3 years ago and nothing on the market worked. Every house needed so much work and renovation and I did not have the time or energy for that and was giving up my search. Out of the blue I got a call from an old friend asking me to consider a new condo that was being built in his complex…this was my sign. The location, size and neighbors, everything felt right. On top of that the name, Wiltshire Place, is the name of the town in England where Stonehenge is located, the mysteries of which have always fascinated me.
How to Watch For Signs and Take Action
Increase you awareness of what goes on around you. Start actively looking for your signs and write them down. Looking at your signs, start thinking ahead to how they might be directing you. Consider what action feels right. Listen to your intuition or gut instinct and take action. 

Want to learn more? Click her to learn about my latest course Developing Intuition & Symbolic Sight | Sept 16-17.

Two Day Workshop In Big Sky, MT

By Amanda Eggert, EBS Senior Editor
BIG SKY – Elizabeth Thorson, an emergency room nurse, learned early on in her career that she had a talent for predicting who wouldn’t live to her next shift.
“I never understood why I was always working on that precipice of life and death in my professional career,” said Thorson, who is offering a workshop in Big Sky titled “Opening to your Intuition” on March 18 and 19. “I just sort of knew as a nurse who wouldn’t be on the ICU the next day, or who wouldn’t be out of surgery the following day.” 
Initially, Thorson felt the hospital was not a safe place to elaborate on her well-developed—if unasked for—skill, so she learned to shut down her intuition, just as she had when she was a young girl and sensed there would be hardship or difficulty if she shared certain things she knew without being able to explain them.
Then in her mid-30s, she began to open the door a crack—“and that was the beginning of the end for me,” said Thorson, who lives in Camden, Maine, but regularly visits family in Big Sky.
Now Thorson offers counseling to people who are seeking guidance on medical issues, as well as people going through a major transition. Although she doesn’t offer diagnoses—that’s practicing medicine without a license and illegal—she can help clients view illness through a different lens and understand possible causes.
When Thorson meets with clients who have questions about a medical issue, she works blind, meaning she doesn’t want to know their medical history or symptoms. Thorson said she works harder that way and finds that it forces her to rely more on her intuition.
Thorson said learning to operate with an intuitive understanding is more of a right-brain operation, a thinking style she associates with creativity and imagination, than a left-brain one, which is more commonly referred to as the realm of judgment and logic.

Meditating for health

Anna Husted

“I radiate health and vitality.”

About 30 days ago I started a journey of self-confidence, health, and seeking abundance through meditating my way to healthier eating. 

I live in Big Sky, Montana, a town where being outdoors is more than just a lifestyle, it’s what we do--some of us all day, every day. We also partake in a higher than average amount of drinking. I love a glass of wine as much as the next person, but in the past six months I’ve noticed that with drinking (nearly every day), I also was eating fattier foods, snacking more, and feeling less focused due to that lack of good food in my life. 

With the onset of summer came Farmer’s Markets. I was eating fresh local foods, making salads, but still found myself snacking too much. That’s when I came across Jon Gabriel's 21-day meditation for weight loss. I didn’t feel as though I needed to lose weight, but I needed focused intention to treat my body better. And it worked. 

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