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3D Printing and Medicine

Breathe in, breathe out. 3D printing is saving babies with airway disorders.

A new study shows how babies’ lives were saved by 3D printing. 

Researchers report promising results from first-ever cases of severe tracheobronchomalacia treated by custom-designed airway splints at University of Michigan. Check it out: 

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Kaiba was just a newborn when he turned blue because his little     lungs weren’t getting the oxygen they needed. Garrett spent the first year of his life in hospital beds tethered to a ventilator, being fed through his veins because his body was too sick to absorb food. Baby Ian’s heart stopped before he was even six months old.

"Next Gen Now" Podcast

I bumped into this radio show host, Rudina Seseri, and am captivated by her topic on emerging technology and its impact on digital, mobile & social media. Her podcast and radio show, Next Gen Now, highlights nearly everything you need to know about current technology. 

Her first interview had me following her on Twitter as soon as it was done. At the end of my blog you’ll want to follow her too:  @rudina11 

The first interview was with the Editor-in-Chief of Streetwise Media Galen Moore. 

Tech Tawk: App Evaluates Healthy Products

Continuing my research on healthy products I found that one of my favorite resources now has an app for Android and Apple users: The Environmental Working Group, EWG (my go-to site for product evaluations). Features include:


  1. Barcode scanning. Scan an items bar code while you’re at the store and see the rating from 1-10. The higher the score the less toxic the product.


  1. Store your favorite products in the “history” section or keep a list of frequent items.


  1. EWGs annual sunscreen review, which also includes EWGs Skindeep app for Android and Apple.


Dont leave home without it. Love the skin you’re in!


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