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Elizabeth's accuracy is 85% or better and she stands behind her work.

There are a very few people that she can not read. Very rarely she can read the energetics and not the physical and vice versa. These instances can be counted on one hand in all her years of practice.

The focus is specifically directed at the known physical systems involved coupled with the psycho-spiritual & energetic overlay, providing a targeted, holistic overview.

Yes.  Elizabeth has an international client base from all over the globe, and works with all ages utilizing phone and video conferencing for distance consultations.

The length of a session depends on the specific type of consultation.

Elizabeth always blocks out two hours for new clients to ensure there is enough time for questions and processing.

Business consultation times vary by complexity and issues that are identified.

As an example, a Medical Intuitive Assessment involves two hours of preparation by Elizabeth, followed by one hour on the phone discussing the findings with the client.

All consultation are arranged in the Easter time zone uynless otherwise specified. Be sure to indicate if you are NOT in the Eastern time zone.

All the information Elizabeth requires for a consultation such as date, time, exact place of birth, and a photo without sunglasses, can be submitted through the consultation request form on this website.

Elizabeth arranges a phone call with you, the business owner & or the “team” to answer any questions you may have and determine the complexity of the business situation. During the call the specifics of the consultation will be outlined and agreed upon and the time for the consult will be set.
Please use the consultation request form on this website to submit the basic information Elizabeth will need.

SKYPE is used frequently for international calls, but can occasionally be limiting due to technical issues with dropped video calls. SKYPE voice tends to be relatively problem free.

Elizabeth records all sessions and provides recordings in either CD or MP3 formats to choose from.

Yes. Gift certificates are available and the individual will be contacted to arrange the consultation with their permission.

Elizabeth's is a graduate of an intensive four year program in Intuition Science and Medical Intuition, conducted by Caroline Myss PhD and Dr. Normand Shealy, Md, PhD as a counseling intuitive.

A PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address at the end of the consultation, unless other payment methods or payment plans have been prearranged.

Detailed information on Elizabeth's fees can be found here.

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