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As a Business Intuitive I “see” your business’s unique blueprint , whether existing or in the startup stages from a holistic perspective , “seeing” opportunities and challenges on all levels, from the CEO and management team to entry level personnel, to projects.
An intuitive perspective provides information that is beneficial to seeing what is keeping an organization stuck and what stands in the way of success.
Through the intuitive process I “see” images that represent opportunity as well as obstacles.
This process can best be explained through examples.

A Software Firm Looking For Investors:

A software developer was looking for investment capitol. He provided me with a list of potential investors for me to”look at” and determine the likelihood they would follow through.

One of the names on the list was that of his Uncle but I was not aware of that.

The images I received around his Uncle showed up as not being an investor and I actually “ saw “ him turning away. My client did not believe that his Uncle of all people would not invest in his venture.

Three months later the images I received were confirmed and indeed his Uncle withdrew his initial offer of financial support and had further moved away from supporting the venture.

A Review Of A Publishing & Marketing Firms Team:

The firms owner asked me to review the team he had assembled. Several members of the team lacked commitment and skills to fulfill their roles yet one member stood out. Around this individual I was hearing “ Judas goat” repeatedly.

The Judas goat is an actual goat raised with sheep to generally gain their trust and the sheep will follow the Judas goat into places such as the slaughter house, essentially betraying their trust.

Shortly the images were confirmed as this individual had been providing information to a hostile party looking to promote financial downfall.

A Review Of A Consulting Firms Senior Partner

The firms CEO requested an assessment of a senior partner in the firm. I “saw” images of a man putting things into a file folder in a desk drawer, all the while looking over his shoulder repeatedly.  My intuitive sense was he was either hiding or taking something.

Two weeks later those images were confirmed when the senior partner left the firm abruptly, taking their client list and started his own company.

A Review Of A Startup Venture:

My entrepreneurial client had a new venture that he wanted my intuitive input on.

The images I “saw” were of stone walls everywhere  surrounding a house of cards that collapsed.

The potential for this outcome was confirmed after assessing the clients skill sets. He  was clear that he was the visionary and needed to acquire people with the necessary skills he lacked.




What Is The First Step?

After an initial phone conference with the business owner I may then meet with the owner and their team, if requested, usually by phone or in person.

This work does not require that I meet one on one and distance work is equally as effective.

What areas are assessed?

• The heart and health of the company
• Individual team members strengths or weaknesses
• Status and potential of current & projected projects

How Often Does An Owner Meet/Conference With You?

This is totally dependent on the clients needs. I am available to do a quick “check in”, taking approximately 30 minutes to several hours if the situation dictates that.

My goal is to be of service , thus whatever time frame is necessary. to meet the needs of the client.

I prefer to work on an as needed basis  in this day and age of ever changing socio economic times where flexibility is key.


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Consultation Information

Consultation Information

Elizabeth works Intuitively through the Astrological lens. She views archetypal patterns, strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit which ultimately affects overall health and wellbeing. Much of Elizabeth’s work is done at a distance over the phone with clients from children to adults from all over the globe.

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(In my office - Camden, ME)
Consultation by Phone $150/HR
Consultation At Your Site $250/HR
(Plus Travel Expenses)
Medical Intuitive Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Personalized Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Business Strategizing & Consulting $250/HR
Life Path Reading $150/HR
Archetypal Assessment $150/HR
Past Life Regression $150/HR
Chakra & Energy Field Assessment
(30min preparation and 30min phone call)
Facilitated After Death Communication $125/HR
Group Consultation $200-$300/HR
Educational Presentations
(Plus Expenses)
Animal Communication $150/HR


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