After Death Communication

After Death Communication is a spontaneous communication from someone who has died. The way in which these occurrences manifest can be very subtle or dramatic. The more subtle occurrences tend to be the norm such as a cat wandering through the cemetery during the funeral of a woman who had 30 cats at one time or a rainbow shooting across the sky when you are told of someone's death.

Children, who are very perceptive, may recall seeing their grandmother, who has recently died, come to them in their dreams and show them that they are well & fine and tell them not to worry.

There are many stories of electrical devices such as lights being repeatedly turned on in homes where someone has recently died or a clock stopping at the exact time of death. These occurrences can involve animals, odors, voices, music or sensing the person's presence to name just a few.

Elizabeth has been collecting these stories for over 25 years. If you would like to share a story or experience of this nature please e-mail her.


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Death and Grief Assistance

Communication from our physical reality to the plane of non physical reality comes in many forms once someone we care about leaves our physical world.

A very tidy home of a widow, may get repeatedly messy in a consistent place and manner by departed husband who was always messy.

A daughter sees that an angel figurine is one day turned around in a locked display cabinet belonging to her departed mother…….the key to the cabinet is no where to be found and no one has any other type of access.

Lights turn off and on by themselves, clocks that have not chimed for many years start chiming and the list goes on and on. Many people recall the movie Ghost that demonstrated these types of occurrences.

Loss of someone we love is never easy even if the relationship was strained and being able to receive reassurance that those no longer here in the physical plane, are still available to us, may be comforting to some to allow the client to gain some closure and peace around death and loss issues. Sessions are recorded to CD and may be in person or by phone.

A recent photograph of the departed is required.


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Consultation Information

Consultation Information

Elizabeth works Intuitively through the Astrological lens. She views archetypal patterns, strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit which ultimately affects overall health and wellbeing. Much of Elizabeth’s work is done at a distance over the phone with clients from children to adults from all over the globe.

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(In my office - Camden, ME)
Consultation by Phone $150/HR
Consultation At Your Site $250/HR
(Plus Travel Expenses)
Medical Intuitive Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Personalized Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Business Strategizing & Consulting $250/HR
Life Path Reading $150/HR
Archetypal Assessment $150/HR
Past Life Regression $150/HR
Chakra & Energy Field Assessment
(30min preparation and 30min phone call)
Facilitated After Death Communication $125/HR
Group Consultation $200-$300/HR
Educational Presentations
(Plus Expenses)
Animal Communication $150/HR


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