Past Life Regressions

Many people wonder if they have had a “Past Life”. Brian Weiss’s book, Many Lives Many Masters, brought this concept into the main stream. Some people like music from the big band era though born in the 1970’s, others prefer Victorian décor and feel very connected to that era. Some even feel that a “Past Life is impacting their current reality & life path. Children have had spontaneous “Past Life” recall as documented in Carol Bowman’s book, Children’s Past Lives.

This experiential process utilizes meditation to bridge from this plane of physical reality to a visualized experience where one may access “Past Life” experiences.

The session is recorded to CD with client with permission.


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Consultation Information

Consultation Information

Elizabeth works Intuitively through the Astrological lens. She views archetypal patterns, strengths and challenges that impact body/mind/spirit which ultimately affects overall health and wellbeing. Much of Elizabeth’s work is done at a distance over the phone with clients from children to adults from all over the globe.

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(In my office - Camden, ME)
Consultation by Phone $150/HR
Consultation At Your Site $250/HR
(Plus Travel Expenses)
Medical Intuitive Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Personalized Assessments
2 Hours (1 hour preparation & 1 hour phone)
Additional phone time prorated at $50/half hour
Business Strategizing & Consulting $250/HR
Life Path Reading $150/HR
Archetypal Assessment $150/HR
Past Life Regression $150/HR
Chakra & Energy Field Assessment
(30min preparation and 30min phone call)
Facilitated After Death Communication $125/HR
Group Consultation $200-$300/HR
Educational Presentations
(Plus Expenses)
Animal Communication $150/HR


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