Intuition Intensive – May 4 & 5, 2019


Do you want to really stretch your intuitive skills? Then this is the program for you. Elizabeth brings client cases from her practice and various other eclectic and challenging scenario’s for students to read intuitively using nothing more than a name and a picture or reading blind a sealed envelope. This program will increase your trust in your intuition and expand your intuitive skills in a way nothing else can.


May 4, 1:00-5:30 PM
May 5, 1:30-5:00 PM


Elizabeth brings 18 unique case studies with clients of all ages as well as places to intuit and more. This unique opportunity will help to finely tune one’s intuitive skills.

Awakening Consciousness – Hemi Sync meditation – Opening energy fields, chakra’s & third eye.

Review success and challenges of applied Intuition:

  • Everyday:
  • Professional Life:
  • Going against your intuition
  • Left brain invalidation of intuition – getting caught in the trap
  • The old “Pro & Con” list Vs “the feeling”
  • Is your skeptic alive and well???


  • Gut Brain
    • Emotional processing
  • Everyday second to second decision based on trust & safety, in a milisec
    • Mothers knowing
    • Where you are in proximity to others – Spatially & energetically
  • Heart brain connection – Coherence
    • Converting emotion to electrical language of the brain
    • Sympathy, empathy, compassion, love, intuition, precognition, self healing
    • MHI
  • Heart memories
    • Change of heart – KFC and me – memory transference changes that represent personality, emotional memories
    • The memory of an 8 year old – leading to an arrest
    • Recognition of newborn
  • PRO:
  • Greg Braden:
  • CON:

A little understanding of the physical and not physical dimension we tap into. Intuition accesses more than our 3 dimensional reality.

Implications of what we understand about Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics to intuition and it’s application to our lives.

Case Studies: Opportunity to read, intuit, actual clients of all ages.

  • Meditation – Cities of Light – 30 min
    • Crystal houses – your imagery
    • Take away – knowledge, insight, skill
    • Messages
  • Building on the concepts of higher dimensions
    • Guide
      • How many & what purpose
      • Interviewing a guide(s)
      • Angelic presence
    • Dreams
      • Prophetic – Precognitive – Creative
      • Symbolic

Case Studies: Opportunity to read, intuit, actual clients of all ages.

Self Care – Personal and Space – To be covered as time allows

Review participants concerns going forward

Q & A

Closing chakras & sealing energy fields


Cost for attendance is $199. For questions or if you are a past student* please contact Elizabeth at

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