Elizabeth Thorson, RN

The Medical Intuitive & Intuitive Consultant


Elizabeth works globally with clients of all ages, in person, phone and over the internet. Her journey began a long time ago…… before age 5 as she became aware of her intuitive abilities that continued into choosing a traditional career in the healthcare field. Since 1985 she has been on an accelerated trajectory incorporating Science, Technology, Business Strategizing, Alternative/ Energy Medicine, Astrology and Metaphysics into her ever expanding practices.

Her trainings and education span a wide range within the field of Energy Medicine and Metaphysics. She graduated from an intensive 4 year program in Intuition Science & Medical Intuition and was certified by Caroline Myss, PhD & Dr Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, as a Counseling intuitive as well as an Archetypal Counselor.

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About Intuition

Intuition is the non logical act of leaving our left brain comfort zone into the right brain wilderness of our intuition ! Intuition is not taught nor is it a gift….It is inherent in every human being. Some come into the world hardwired, others just need their wires connected.

For some intuition is a leap in consciousness that goes directly from the problem to the solution. One may just FEEL that the answer is right without knowing for sure that it is. Intuition can simply point the way if you make space for it. Our culture that has till now worshiped the rational mind is changing rapidly to make room for intuition in every sphere of our lives.

Living a fully rational life is not fascinating….living an intuitive life is !!

The following is an interview Elizabeth did with a Boston area radio talk show host on the Dream Vision show on WBMW AM, discussing various forms of intuition.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Purpose Of The Free 5 Minute Consultation

This brief conversation is intended to ensure that my services are right for you before we commit to a full length paid consultation.

What Is Needed For A Consultation

I ask all my new clients to submit their information and a recent photograph (no sunglesses please) using my Consultation Request Form.

How Can Elizabeth Work With People At A Distance

I am able to connect into your unique energy through voice and photo, as if we were 1-on-1 in my office, no matter where you are in the world … we are all connected!

How Do I Ask Elizabeth A General Question

Please feel free to contact me using my General Inquiry Form

What Do Elizabeth's Clients Say About Her Level Of Accuracy?

My accuracy is 85% or better, and I stand behind my work! There are a very few people that I can’t read. Very rarely I can read the energetics and not the physical and vice versa. These instances I can count on one hand, from all my years of practice.

What Is A Medical Intuitive Assessent?

The focus of this consultation is specifically directed at the known physical systems, coupled with the psycho-spiritual & energetic overlay. The goal is to provide you a targeted, holistic overview of these systems.

Can I Have A Consultation If I Can't Come To Elizabeth's Office?

Yes! I have an international client base from all over the globe! I work with all ages utilizing phone and video conferencing for distance consultations.

How Long Is A Consultation?

The length of a session depends on the specific type of consultation, however I always block out two hours for new clients to ensure there is enough time for questions and processing.

Business consultation times very by complexity and issues that are identified.

As an example, a Medical Intuitive Assessment involves two hours of preparation by Elizabeth, followed by one hour on the phone discussing the findings with the client.

What Time Zone Are Consultations Done In?

I live in Maine so all consultations are arranged in the Eastern time zone, unless otherwise specified. Please be sure to indicate your time zone when you fill out my Consultation Request Form.

What Do I Need To Provide For An Intuitive Business Strategy Consultation?

The first step is to fill out my Consultation Request Form.

From there I will arrange a preliminary call with you, the business owner and/or the team, to answer any questions you may have and to determine the complexity of the business situation. During this call, we will discuss, outline, and agree upon the specifics of the consultation.

Can We Connect Using Video Conferencing Like SKYPE & GOOGLE HANGOUTS?

Yes! I use SKYPE frequently for my international calls, but occasionally as we all know there can be technical / connection issues.

Should we be unable to establish or maintain a good video connection I can attempt to contact you with an alternative method, and in the event that we are unable to connect at all I will deliver you a audio recording of your reading.

What Recorded Formats Are Provided After My Consultation?

I record and provide digital audio recordings of all my sessions.

Can I arrange A Consultation For Another Individual?

Yes! Gift certificates are available and the individual will be contacted to arrange the consultation with their permission.

What Education Has Elizabeth Received?

I am a graduate of an intensive four year program in Intuition Science and Medical Intuition conducted by Caroline Myss PhD and Dr. Norman Shealy, Md, PhD as a counseling intuitive.

What Are The Fees For Elizabeth's Various Consultations?

Please refer to my Fees Page for detailed pricing information on all my consultation services.

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