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Meet The Changing Business Climate!

Give your business an edge by working with Elizabeth to read the “players” within your professional world. From new hires, to investment prospects, to potential customers, Elizabeth is able to advise on potential challenges and compatibility.

If you are considering a new line of work, or looking at a new work environment there are typically many factors involved, see if a Life Path Reading is right for you.



• “Seeing” your business’s unique blueprint , whether existing or in the startup stages from a holistic perspective.

• “Seeing” opportunities and challenges on all levels

• Outlining cultural, conceptual and practical strengths and challenges

• Identifying team strengths, from CEO and management team to entry level personnel, to projects.

There are many advantages to a Intuitive Business Strategy Reading with Elizabeth from validation of new ideas or growth plans to guidance on personnel. Creating a solid team and productive culture through a professional strategy reading not only makes the work environment more enjoyable, but also leads to reduction of employee turnover by hiring the best suited person for the position and increased revenue by having a team that compliment one another.

Elizabeth’s unique perspective also helps companies prepare for the unexpected by sharing her intuitive insight on how the shifting market place and plans for expansion may affect a company in ways it could not see.

Thoughts From Previous Clients

  • “Very insightful medical intuitive reading that made me more aware of current and potentially future health/wellness issues. Elizabeth is warm, wise and highly professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

    Mabel Valdiviezo
    Mabel Valdiviezo Client
  • “Elizabeth is spot on accurate, thorough, compassionate, and professional, with the utmost integrity of work. My session was very affirming, and provided great insight into what's happening on the subtle and not-so-subtle levels of my being.”

    Bonn P
    Bonn P Client

Frequently Asked Questions

About My Business Strategy Consultations

What Is The Fee For An Intuitive Business Strategy Consultation ?

Please refer to my Fees Page for detailed pricing information on all my consultation services.

Click Here To For My Pricing Information

What Is Needed For A Consultation

I ask all my new clients to submit their information using my Consultation Request Form. This form outlines all the information I require for a consultation.

What Is The Purpose Of The Free 10 Minute Consultation

This brief conversation is intended to ensure that my services are right for you before we commit to a full length paid consultation.

How Can Elizabeth Work With People At A Distance

I am able to connect into your unique energy through voice and photo, as if we were 1-on-1 in my office, no matter where you are in the world … we are all connected!

What Is The Process To Get Things Started?

After an initial phone conference with the business owner I may then meet with the owner and their team, if requested, usually by phone or in person.

This work does not require that I meet one on one and distance work is  equally as effective.

What Areas Are Assessed?
  • The heart and health of the company
  • Individual team members strengths or weaknesses
  • Status and potential of current & projected projects
How Often Does An Owner Meet / Conference With You?

This is totally dependent on the clients needs. I am available to do a quick “check in”, taking approximately 30 minutes to several hours if the situation dictates that.

My goal is to be of service , thus whatever time frame is necessary. to meet the needs of the client.

I prefer to work on an as needed basis  in this day and age of ever changing socio economic times where flexibility is key.

How Do I Pay For A Consultation?

You will be sent a PayPal invoice after the session unless another form of payment has been agreed upon.

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