After Death Communication

The Soul Lives On

Elizabeth is able to “sense” those that had passed on. In developing her practice, she has been able to connect on a deeper level and has a long history of helping those who are struggling to find closure by communicating with those who have died.

When someone who has passed on is trying to make contact to the physical realm, there are many ways they can reach out.


• Through a photograph provided by the client, Elizabeth makes repeated contact with the person who has passed over a few weeks period.

• Images, songs, words actions & stories are presented

• Questions can be asked for clarity

• Holding objects or pictures owned by the person if available

Clients experience images and stories that resonate and make sense to them. The specific answers to questions and the connection that is re established confirms the continuation of the soul and the continued existence of one’s loved one.

Grief & Grieving

Grief & Loss Are Universally Shared Human Experiences

Grief is something we as humans must process and endure in this physical realm. It is, I believe, the most challenging and emotionally painful process to experience. It does not matter the length or type of relationship, be it with our human counterparts or our beloved animals. Grief and loss is a universally shared human experience.


Each of us goes through the grieving process in our own unique way and there is no right or wrong way to go about grieving. Recently I lost a fellow colleague whom I had known for 25 years. He was a character and extremely irreverent with a wonderful huge heart. When we started sharing our feelings about our loss it was in the story telling of the outrageous things he would say and do, which brought him back to us and we laughed ….a lot. Which is exactly what he would want us to do.


Knowing that our loved one’s energy still exists but not in our physical plane yet is accessible through after death communication can help to lighten the grieving process.


Most importantly hearts and minds are lightened, the grief process seems more bearable as one’s life is encouraged to go on despite the grief and loss. Hearts do heal.

  • “We run from grief because loss scares us, yet our hearts reach toward grief because the broken parts want to mend.”

    Brené Brown
    Brené Brown
  • “There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”

    Thornton Wilder
    Thornton Wilder Playwright

Thoughts From Previous Clients

  • “The information was validated when she described his distinctive walk and the image of a branding iron brand…..he was a rancher & had a very distinctive way of walking & a distinctive brand.”

    Jane, Iowa
    Jane, Iowa Client
  • “She described only his shoes in the beginning, how shiny they were and how you could almost see yourself in them. Dad would spit shine his shoes every Saturday and he always said you can tell a man by their shoes”

    GT, Maine
    GT, Maine Client

Frequently Asked Questions

About After Death Communication Sessions

What Is The Fee For An After Death Communication Session?

Please refer to my Fees Page for detailed pricing information on all my consultation services.

Click Here To For My Pricing Information

What Is Needed For An After Death Communication Session?

All I need is a picture of the departed provided a few weeks before the actual consultation.

What Is The Purpose Of The Free 10 Minute Consultation

This brief conversation is intended to ensure that my services are right for you before we commit to a full length paid consultation.

How Can Elizabeth Work With People At A Distance

I am able to connect into your unique energy through voice and photo, as if we were 1-on-1 in my office, no matter where you are in the world … we are all connected!

What Is After Death Communication?

After Death Communication is a spontaneous communication from someone who has died. The way in which these occurrences manifest can be very subtle or dramatic.

What Is The Process Like?

This process is like reaching through a veil or through white noise to connect . The information and images may come through in various ways and can be both bold and subtle in nature. These things that she is shown she has no way of knowing, such as shoes, events, favorite songs, places etc.

Why Are Children More Likely To Be Visited By Those That Have Died?

Children are very perceptive and may recall seeing their grandmother, who has recently died, come to them in their dreams and show them that they are well & fine and tell them not to worry. A child at an open casket funeral may say “ they, referring to the person who died, are no longer in there” as they pass by.

How Can Communication Manifest?

There are many stories of electrical devices such as lights being repeatedly turned on in homes where someone has recently died or a clock stopping at the exact time of death. These occurrences can involve animals, odors, voices, music or sensing the person’s presence to name just a few.

How Do I Pay For A Consultation?

You will be sent a PayPal invoice after the session unless another form of payment has been agreed upon.

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