Life Path Readings

Are You Looking For Some Direction?

Challenges within life often occur when we are not in harmony with our soul’s contract. During a Life Path Reading, Elizabeth is able to assist clients to identify the areas where they are not aligned with their true life path. She believes everyone has a propensity for intuition and often is validating exactly what the client truly knows deep in their heart is their next step or action.



• Examining the energy you came into this lifetime with, looking through an astrological lense

• Identifying your specific and unique assets and challenges in the year ahead

• Locating your places of vulnerability or “Achilles Heel”

• Specific insights on how your life theme has shifted and where potentially it can go to

• Outlining the steps you can take to move forward based on your intention

• Having a clearer roadmap to work with that resonates with one’s soul contract

Through the assessment process, Elizabeth uncovers options. Clients make their own choice as to how the material provided is applied to their life circumstances. Each of us determines our next step on one’s life path. A life Path Reading often provides clarity and validation to take the next step.

Thoughts From Previous Clients

  • "Feeling more motivated and equipped with helpful ways to move forward."

    Anne, PA
    Anne, PA Client
  • “Elizabeth has shown me in many ways (via birth chart, books or movies) how where, why and with whom I should walk my path."

    Mary, Boston
    Mary, Boston Client

Frequently Asked Questions

About My Medical Intuitive Readings

What Is The Fee For A Life Path Reading?

Please refer to my Fees Page for detailed pricing information on all my consultation services.

Click Here To For My Pricing Information

What Is Needed For A Consultation

I ask all my new clients to submit their information and a recent photograph (no sunglesses please) using my Consultation Request Form.

What Is The Purpose Of The Free 10 Minute Consultation

This brief conversation is intended to ensure that my services are right for you before we commit to a full length paid consultation.

How Can Elizabeth Work With People At A Distance

I am able to connect into your unique energy through voice and photo, as if we were 1-on-1 in my office, no matter where you are in the world … we are all connected!

Why Is My Birth Data Necessary?

Your time of birth energetically holds the spiritual contract you came into this life with. It is almost like a blueprint for the skills and challenges for this life.

What If I Don't Know My Time Of Birth?

This can be worked around, and should be discussed prior to our consultation. Many times you can find your time of birth on your birth certificate, or possibly in your baby book if you have one.

Will I Be Given A Specific Action To Take?

I generally outline multiple options for my clients to choose from. You will ultimately make your own choice, but maybe supported by the information we uncover during your reading, and in conjunction with your own intuition!

How Will I Know If The Options Suit Me?

Over the years, and through thousands of client readings, I find again and again that the reading tends to reinforce the client’s own intuitive knowing in areas where they have been reluctant to takes steps forward. A reading usually validates the client’s inner knowing.

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