Life Path Assessments

Where to next?

• At a career / relationship crossroad?
• Unclear where change is needed?
• Are you sensing a shift coming?

Medical Intuitive Readings

A holistic body mind spirit approach to health

• Are your health challenges unclear?
• What factors effect your well being?
• Are there energetic / spritiual issues?

Business Strategy & Consulting

Gain a fresh, intuitive perspective on your business.

• What is the heart and soul of your business?
• Maximizing business / personal relationships?
• What is the next step?

Archetypal Assessments

How and where do you sabotage yourself?

• Who is really running your life?
• How and where do you sabotage yourself?
• Is there a blueprint for my life?


Death & Grief Assistance

A reach beyond the veil of the physical world

• Has a loved one passed on?
• Do you still sense a connection?
• Seeking to make a connection?

Past Life Regressions

Who were you in a past life?

• Sensing you may have lived before?
• Are you connected to an era in time?
• Does a past life influence you now?


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