Near Death Experience

This is my first blog about near death experiences and there will be many more as this is a topic near and dear to my heart and belief system. First of all, watch this video account of a near death experience.

This video by Tricia Barker offers excellent details of what happens during an NDE and when our spirit or soul leaves our physical bodies. The times I have been present at a death I always see the light opening in the upper right corner of the room, much like Patricia describes shortly before returning to her body. Her account closely parallels my work with doing After Death Communication with individuals and animals that have died.

Believe or not it is worth considering. I remained very skeptical early on in my life until there was just no denying the number of individuals I worked with who had NDE.

For even more on NDEs or if you’re just fascinated with the idea like I am check out the book Proof of Heaven.

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