Meditating for Health

“I radiate health and vitality.”

About 30 days ago I started a journey of self-confidence, health, and seeking abundance through meditating my way to healthier eating.

I live in Big Sky, Montana, a town where being outdoors is more than just a lifestyle, it’s what we do–some of us all day, every day. We also partake in a higher than average amount of drinking. I love a glass of wine as much as the next person, but in the past six months I’ve noticed that with drinking (nearly every day), I also was eating fattier foods, snacking more, and feeling less focused due to that lack of good food in my life.

With the onset of summer came Farmer’s Markets. I was eating fresh local foods, making salads, but still found myself snacking too much. That’s when I came across Jon Gabriel’s 21-day meditation for weight loss. I didn’t feel as though I needed to lose weight, but I needed focused intention to treat my body better. And it worked.

“I radiate love. I love my body.” This was the mantra for day 5. If I love my body, why was I consuming more than a moderate amount of drinks or snacks? Day 5 was when it truly kicked in because I just started treating my body like I loved it.

“I am guided. I trust.” These two mantras popped up throughout the 21-day meditation. Am I guiding myself? Is God guiding me? Do I choose friends with healthy lifestyles to guide me? All of the above!

And finally, “I allow abundance into my life.” At first I thought this was ironically funny for someone trying to lose weight. Abundance means more than a large quantity of something; it means growth!

I have grown immensely over the past month and I cannot wait to see how my life and body continues to take shape.


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