Intuitive Development Course: Santosha Wellness Center March 18 – 19 2017

Intuitive Development Course

Santosha Wellness Center

March 18 – 19


Elizabeth Thorson, RN, Intuitive Consultant & Medical Intuitive, brings this highly experiential opportunity to the Big Sky community March 18-19 at Santosha Wellness Center, Big Sky MT. Elizabeth works intuitively in many areas and is passionate about assisting others to develop and most importantly to trust their intuition. This program is designed to allow students to see what their unique intuitive “radar” is and provide the opportunity for practice and validation. We will work with both sides of our brains and address the skeptic within each of us. Everyone has intuition. Some are born hardwired, others just need their wires connected. Intuition is a skill, like driving or skiing & is not a gift that only a few have. Like any skill you have to practice. Come prepared to play and experiment.

Day 1- Sat. March 18 2-5 PM. Some things it will include: Intuiting 101 “seeing” what’s in the box, altered states from mediation to the mystical and everything in between, types of intuitive knowing (meet the “Vu brothers” and the “Clair sisters” and their friends “Synchronicity”), meditation to increase awareness, factors that alter energetics auric fields, sensing, pendulums 101, dowsing, Q&A, etc.

Day 2- Sun. March 19 9AM-12PM. Some things it will include: Psychometry intuiting information from objects (bring a metal object that has been worn by someone), intuiting/”seeing” into sealed envelopes, -channeling automatic writing/drawing, applied psychometry/reading photographs (bring photos to share), past lives, parallel lives, intuition for everyone & everyday, Q&A, etc.

Elizabeth brings more than 25 years working in the intuitive worlds in various areas, from everyday life to the world of life and death in an ER setting. She is a frequent visitor to the Big Sky community and will be here for a month to play, teach and offer private consultations as well.

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