Lessons Learned In The Check Out Line

So I’m in the 14 item express checkout line

I’ve got my goodies on the conveyor belt, and I put the plastic divider between my order and the one yet to be put down behind me.

I then stepped back from the conveyor and forward so the older man behind could move forward to put his items on the conveyor.

I was in daydream mode after all the work of shopping till the man behind be touched my arm and said….

“Do you know what you just did (moving so he could get in) is the first time that has happened and what a difference that made for me in my day?”

I was so struck that the small and I do mean small thing I did really made a difference to this man and I got to thinking to myself…… “ now you get it ….it’s the small things that matter not the BIG things”.

Ya I know not a new concept but the impact of it was now different.

How many little things can be done in a day that really mount up and create positive karma not just for me but those I come into contact with.

We are all rushing through our days but that moment in the 14 item check out line registered with my heart and soul and doing grocery check out will not be the same for me. So simple but so profound.

Lesson: It’s the little things that matter, not the big ones!



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