Symbolic Sight & Intuitive Developent

Elizabeth Thorson, RN, Intuitive Consultant & Medical Intuitive, brings this highly experiential opportunity to the Mid Coast community Sept. 16-17 at Camden Public Library, Camden ME.

Elizabeth works intuitively in many areas and is passionate about assisting others to develop and most importantly to trust their intuition.

This program is designed to allow students to see what their unique intuitive “radar” is and provide the opportunity for practice and validation. We will work with both sides of our brains and address the skeptic within each of us.

Everyone has intuition. Some are born hardwired, others just need their wires connected. Intuition is a skill, like driving or skiing & is not a gift that only a few have. Like any skill you have to practice. Come prepared to play and experiment. Seating is limited. Location: Camden Library. Total cost: $150.

Day 1- Sat. Sept. 16 1-5 PM: Some things it will include: synchronicity, meditation, energy fields/color, energy healing, dowsing/pendulums, symbolic sight, Q&A, etc.

Day 2- Sun. Sept. 17 1-5 PM: Some things it will include: , psychometry, reading energy, photo reading, intuition for every day, channeling, ethics, Q&A, etc.

Elizabeth brings more than 25 years working in the intuitive worlds in various areas, from everyday life to the world of life and death in an ER setting. She is a longtime resident of Camden and active in the Mid Coast community.

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