Honoring Louise Hay

One of the major pioneers in health, wellness and self discovery, Louise Hay, died on 8/30/17 at age 90.

Louise Hay’s first book Heal Your Body was published in 1976. I still have my copy, tattered and dog eared from me and the numerous others I have lent it to over the years. Somehow it always finds it’s way back to my book shelf.

The book came after she became a minister & was overcoming her own emotional, physical & spiritual challenges and losses, which were not insignificant. She lit the candle for women in the 1970’s to take control of their lives, thoughts and to find their voices through self acceptance and self love.

When I read her book in the 70’s I was working as a critical care nurse and had recently begun my metaphysical journey. I was seeing first hand how thoughts, self blame, anger and resentment were manifesting as illness in my patients and as migraines in myself. This was the beginning of an amazing journey into my current work.

She published her second book You Can Heal Your Life in 1984 from her own publishing house, so well know to all of us in the wellness community, Hay House. That book (yes I have that one too) has sold over 50 million copies and has been translated into many languages. Just imagine if that one book was shared with just 4 others- that would be over 200 million people she has reached with her message of love. I expect the number is much higher.

Louise was a pioneer in the very early days of self help literature and over the course of her life and work has brought together other notable metaphysical pioneers such as Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue & Gregg Braden to name just a very few under the Hay House roof. She leaves a huge void in the metaphysical community with her death, but through her gathering of these visionaries ensures that the light she ignited is sure to continue to brighten the world.

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