2017 Great American Total Solar Eclipse: What Now?

The images on the internet this week have been nothing short of spectacular, especially in areas of totality. Imagine many hundreds of years ago how such a sight as the sun obscuring the moon could be viewed as a warning or omen.

Historically there have been some major events on a total solar eclipses such as assassination of leaders, wars ending, bombings so there is a lot of interest within the astrology community and the world in general on it’s potential impact.

There has been much speculation ranging from, Steven Forrest’s wait and see attitude to doom and gloom in other circles. One webinar I recently watched with astrologer Lynn Bell suggested that however this eclipse impacts us let’s try to make it the highest manifestation we can personally & globally. I couldn’t agree more.

Personally I think it’s impact will be substantial. Especially as we apply this event to our charts occurring at 28 degrees of the sign Leo. If you have planets in your chart that are within 3 degrees on either side of 28 degrees of Leo the effect may be the strongest (i.e. planets 25 degrees of Leo to 1 degree of Virgo).

If you have no planets in that range then you could look to the house in your chart that 28 degrees of Leo would fall into. This may be an arena of your life that now becomes highlighted.

This list outlines the houses and the life arenas they represent for each of us.


Astrological Houses/Life Arenas


1st. House: My face to the world, personality, ife views and self image

2nd. House: What I value, finances, resources and material values

3rd House: Communication, thinking patterns and intellect

4th. House: Home, inner security, now & early life, and psychological foundation

5th House: Children, creativity, pleasure, and romance

6th. House: Work and service, health

7th. House: 1:1 relationships with others, contracts and partnerships

8th. House: Areas of power, sex, joint finances, death and loss, and others resources

9th. House: Values, spirituality, ethics, travel, dreams, and higher mind

10th House: Our public/professional self, career, status, professional image

11th. House: Groups, community, friends, hopes, and social values

12th House: Hidden resources, spiritual realization, subconscious, collective unconscious-, karmic debts, escapism, and loss


The sun and moon came together visually in the sky thus symbolically our conscious, sun and unconscious, moon merged and then continued on their way again. Many thousands stopped in their daily routine to look skyward, away from their personal stories and stories of the world around us.

To me it feels like there could be a resetting of what we do consciously as individuals and as a country as our shadow selves are highlighted and played out on the world stage. This is an opportunity to look for clarity in an area of life that needs our focus.

For me the arena is the 4th house, and I am looking at self empowerment with particular attention to communication and the duality I experience.

Looking at the Sibly chart (most widely used chart for USA) I see the eclipse fell in our nation’s 9th House: values, spirituality, ethics, travel, dreams, and higher mind. Given our current political and social climate in the months leading up to and through the eclipse I’d say it’s effects are already being felt. How it plays out is difficult to know, but I keep going back to the intent that Lynn Bell and I share. Chart data: 7/4/1776, 5:10 PM, Philadelphia, PA.

Wondering what house the Great American Solar Eclipse falls in for you, your business or others? What effect will this great event have on you? You first need to start with your chart. Use the free link here at astro.com to get started. For a more indepth reading schedule an appointment with me at elizabeththorson.com.

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