Tech Talk: One-on-one Conversation Back in Vogue?

Is old-fashioned one-on-one conversation back in vogue or did it ever leave?

I was having lunch with my peeps at Home Kitchen, one of my favorite places in Rockland Maine (they serve breakfast ALL day), when the discussion turned to how technology impacts our social interactions.

The topic soon turned to phone use and misuse at social gatherings. Before we all looked around to count how many people were on their phones we each agreed that we’d find more than 50 percent of the patrons on their phones instead of talking with the person they were dining with.

To our surprise NONE of that was happening. Not one phone was on the table, not one phone in use, everyone was engaged in conversation with their respective peeps. We were like YOWZA…..this is great stuff.

So if you come to Mid-Coast Maine hopefully you’ll find our little state’s slogan to be true: “The way life should be.”

P.S. Give me feedback on your own non-scientific social studies this week. How many people are on their phones at your local home kitchen?

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