Visionary Art By Katie Lee of Grand Forks, ND

The Big Sky community is near and dear to my heart

When I read about Katie’s work in the local paper Explore Big Sky I wanted to share with all of you.

Visionary artist, Katie Lee, of Grand Forks, ND, has created a fantastic hand painted Teepee that is installed across from the entrance to Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, MT (one of my favorite little mountain towns).

As I am no stranger to working with visions for more than 25 years and actually creating art in addition to incorporating those visions into my life and work, I appreciated the Native American symbolism and other worldly influences that came together in this piece.

I actually shared this with a Native American shaman friend of mine who called himself Many Tongues.

Check out the Teepee and Katie’s other work

Better yet go see it up close and personal in Big Sky and watch for more on Katie and her experiences in the next issue of Outlaw Magazine in December.



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