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The holiday season is here and it is important we remind ourselves to slow down, tune out, and check in with our bodies.


To kick off this new season, I would like to share with you the impact tech has had on my health and how I managed it.

This past month, tech has caused me to recognize a major health issue and reorganize my work life. At this point, I know you may be thinking… tech caused you a health problem? Well, yes… it has.

Awhile back, I wrote a blog about “Tech Neck” which is neck pain and spasm due to postures imposed while on the computer. Little did I know, I would later be faced with a severe form of tech neck called Torticollis.

This condition has caused me to change how much time I spend online, and how I align my posture while working at my desk. These habits were very difficult for me to change. Truthfully, I had to set the timer to signal when it was time to take a break or get off-line… this was not easy as I am someone who goes full steam ahead into all aspects of my life, including my research and screen time.


Elizabeth Thorson Health & Tech Update 11/18


Now, my online life is much more restricted. Fortunately, massage, acupuncture & working with my doctor has meant my spasms have gone away after five weeks. These days, all tech is off by 8:00 p.m., and when I say all tech, this includes my phone (I honestly had to put it face down and away from me I was so attached). Now, I am back to dedicating time to self care, which is something I have always supported but found ways to avoid… well, not anymore!

As I share my story with you I hope it inspires you to be more proactive with your self care and make changes now. The habits I broke were dramatic, but so necessary for my health.


Now, onto a Health & Tech Update:


There is currently a lot happening in the health & tech fields, so I am going to touch on a few highlights. Each topic will link to studies which I have found to be informative.

If it suits your time and space better, you may also listen to my Facebook Live about Health & Tech.



What’s new in Heath & technology:

  • Ways to add to your self care routine
  • Importance of sleep
  • Reducing tech time
  • Mindfulness
  • Harnessing the power of intention
  • Hypnosis
  • CRISPR project-able to detect more diseases
  • The big 3-Google-Apple-Microsoft and AI to personalize care
  • Apples Health App- Being tested in prestigious Heath care institutions
  • Genome Sequencing- For all at a cost
  • VR in health care- Education the caregivers
  • Advances in Breast cancer treatment 2018


Here are a bunch of relevant resources I’ve collected for you guys to checkout if you’re hungry for more information on these subjects.



Apps to monitor sleep, Pillow fully interacts with Apples Health APP and  Sleep time works with Apple and Android

Sleep tracking a week long experiment



How health care consumers and physicians see virtual care

Heart disease is the leading cause of death . Apple and Google take notice and hire Cardiologists.



More women with early stage breast cancer may not need chemotherapy!!!

Value of second opinion for breast cancer diagnosis @ a center that specializes in oncology

AI Studies Patient Data & can limit toxicity in cancer treatment. Simulated trials on patients decreased dosage up to half of the Doctor recommended dosage.



A new kind of Muse- Brain sensing technology to teach mindfulness.

Calm App on app store FREE or subscribe $59.99. great images  & music with guided visualization. Will prompt you to subscribe, ignore and poke around in free version…lot’s of good stuff for FREE

Calm App on Google Play

Apps to help you meditate



TEDX talk on hypnotherapy- Mind over matter. One of my favorites

TEDX talk -Hypnotize yourself



CRISPR- genome therapy for rare diseases

MIT researchers discover new  enzyme that is more specific than the original CRISPR9 enzyme and opens up the options for locating many more disease specific mutations

Precision Medicine in health care- Excellent article on Gene therapy & costs & where to to find. IBM  has “Watson” and Google has “Deepmind Health project” and Microsoft has “Hanover”. AI solutions to design personalized treatments for patients.

Based in Boston, you too can have your gene’s sequenced for a price…..



Biotechnology Summit @ MIT October 2018. These are the researchers to watch.

A sampling of what areas being worked on: Bioengineering


Synthetic Biology

Testing and research with Apple’s Health Record App

Tips on using Apple’s Health App

Genetically engineering mice to combat Tick borne Lyme disease



MIT Building 1 Billion Dollar College dedicated to AI.Opening 2019. Multidisciplinary approaches. First program starts fall of 2019.



VR experience , what it’s like to experience Alzheimer’s. Used to educate all types of care givers

VR used to show the dying process-Used @ Gosnell Hospice in Maine & Teaching UNE med student

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