Tech & Health – My “Tech Neck” Experience

  The holiday season is here and it is important we remind ourselves to slow down, tune out, and check in with our bodies.   To kick off this new season, I would like to share with you [...]

Tips & Tricks For How To Survive The Holidays

The Holidays Can Be Demanding! Holiday demands vary from person to person but in general they may involve the following: Entertaining Shopping & over spending Cleaning & clean up, [...]


Joy To The World … Or Bah Humbug

Every year the holiday season starts earlier and earlier and with it so do the stresses that come with it.   The two best Christmas seasons in my life were 1981 & 1983. In 1981 I had [...]


Reflecting On The Thanks In Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of all times It’s this holiday that is about family and friends and being together. For me Thanksgiving has a softness to it and is a very humbling [...]


Signs & Symbolism In Your Everyday

Are you watching? Signs are all around us, like the stop sign or yield sign but more than telling us what to do there are signs that are symbolic… IF we are aware! If you hit every stop light on [...]


Lessons Learned In The Check Out Line

So I’m in the 14 item express checkout line I’ve got my goodies on the conveyor belt, and I put the plastic divider between my order and the one yet to be put down behind me. I then [...]


Visionary Art By Katie Lee of Grand Forks, ND

The Big Sky community is near and dear to my heart When I read about Katie’s work in the local paper Explore Big Sky I wanted to share with all of you. Visionary artist, Katie Lee, of Grand [...]